Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beading help

The Bead Within continues being beaded and I am completely in love with each piece that presents itself.

I am also very fortunate to have the help of two friends who have helped to bead up my visions.  Susan arrived at the end of January and together we reviewed my notebook of sketches for the book, deciding which ones to pursue and sorting out the best way to bead the vision.  Then we sat together and beaded and the book progressed.

I am so grateful to have such talented women in my life, willing to spend their time helping me.

This year is different then past years in that I am managing two very different projects, balancing my time between Master Class preparation and designing and beading book pieces.  Excuse the project management speak, it is what I did in my corporate life, and I think it all applies even to artistic endeavors.  It is still important that when the deadline arrives I have the requisite number of projects beaded, illustrated and written.

It's a little funny working on book three when book two isn't even released yet.  But since those pieces were returned to me I've had quite a bit of fun wearing them.  Today I wore concentric circles which flips over to reveal a different side.

Concentric Circles

The master class is taking it's own fair share of planning as the 'playground' gets beaded, colorways are selected, kit beads are ordered and presentations are planned.  Here again I have help, far and wide help actually and the pieces they've beaded are all wonderful.  The diversity makes it clear that everyone who is taking the master class will turn out beautiful work.

Playing with Possibilities

Liz headed up a team of Detroit beaders who are contributing to the playground making, and Tracy sent me her pieces earlier this month, wow she brought some interesting variations to the table.  The local gals have been busy for a few months now.

Gabriella came today and brought two stunning pieces that she made using master class components.  They are unique and quite different so I am encouraged that everyone will bring their own point of view.

Another bead helper has beaded up the master class components using the colors I've selected and they are due to arrive this week, and I'll be showing them to you when they do!

It will be a heads down week of beading to meet my goal of finishing up this part of the project plan. Gabriella is happy to be warmed by the San Diego sun and happy to bead with me in the studio, but I do have a few treats planned.

Tomorrow will be an outing to Eclipse, the new bistro and chocolate bar in South Park where the decor and the presentation are both excellent.  I haven't had the chocolate but the ginger carrot soup was presented so beautifully with a sprig of rosemary and white chocolate glazed croutons (yes I did eat them, they were just too tempting).  The cup of sage tea was also memorable and happily they will soon carry the loose teas that they serve.


The bad Liz said...

Liz has a basket full of goodies for you to look at.....I'll deliver them next week.

Rose said...

Mmmmm..... much looking forward to the Masterclass. Having these sneak peeks gives me ideas and gets me going!
Rose Rushbrooke