Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I have to say I think I picked the right time to fly to Seattle and board an Alaskan cruise.  It has been hot AND humid for days now.  I know many in the country experience this on a regular basis, but here on the West Coast it is unusual and not my favorite weather pattern.

I miss the veranda, I miss the hot tub, neither of which are enjoyable in the heat.

However since beads and bead travel and bead kit preparation are the order of the day I've been spending my days inside.

I was just in Seattle a couple of weeks ago during which we visited the Chihuly museum which is fabulous.  The color and form and drama were just spectacular.

I bought yarn at Too Much Yarn and will be taking my knitting along with me on the cruise

I taught Cassandra which I will also be teaching on the cruise.  Here are a couple of the colorways that people worked on at Fusion Beads

A rather artistic shot of the ferris wheel on the waterfront

 and the iconic space needle viewed from our ferry boat on the way over to Bainbridge Island.  Happy to be spending a little more Seattle time before and after the cruise....half days in both cases, but I look forward to it.

and to seeing Nancy Cain and Dallas Lovett and a whole bunch of bead people and a whole lot of incredible scenery!

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