Thursday, October 31, 2013

Das Perlament

A slightly out of sequence post. I wrote this while in Germany but was unable to post it.
Our bags are packed and we left the beautiful Grovesnor hotel in Shaftesbury England to make our way through the England countryside by coach back to Heathrow where we flew German Wings to Bonn/Cologne.
The modern lobby at the Grovesnor was just my style and I couldn't resist this photo of Mark and I just before we left.

Once more we are on our way for the third teaching venue of this European trip.

We were nicely hosted by this nice couple Lynn and Kevin who came to see us off.

This morning Mark and got up early and walked the Rhine River along a tree lined street with views like this along the way.

Fall time is evidenced by the falling leaves but it is very mild at the moment, in the mid sixties into the early evening.

The classroom at Das Perlament is just like Petra, exuberant and colorful. It was a treat to be there today with so many excellent beaders who were very enthusiastic about today's Pacific Morning Glory class.

Ppppssssst, I had Martina to help me in class today! She very graciously translated all of the instructions into German and made a most stunning sample piece which she turned into a necklace. Yes, had I only thought to take a photo for you. I also got to see both of her Bead and Button classes up close and personal, and all I have to say is need to have a look. She is teaching Wednesday and Thursday and I am only hoping I may be able to take a class with her.
Elke will come help me out tomorrow and I hope I get to see her pieces as well.
Well that's it for tonight. I have to get up early so I can walk tomorrow morning as well.

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