Friday, August 29, 2014

European beading tour

I started in Scotland and met the delightful Jo Lochhead for the first time.  I fell in love with everything about that experience....her home, her shop, her family, the students.  I also made my very first trip to Edinburgh and was there during the Fringe festival.  We saw quite some sites on the Royal Mile.

Off to England where I taught four classes, one of them touch of whimsy resulting in many wonderful combinations, these included.  My lovely host Lynn surprised me with a visit to Downton Abbey, where Sian met us for a wonderful day.

Off to Hamburg where for the first time I met Miriam Shimon!  which was every bit as much of a treat as I anticipated.  Besides talented, she is warm, friendly, funny and gives the best hugs.

How cute are these to Swedish girls.  Kristina is wearing her battle headpiece.

It's been a wonderful trip!  On my way home I stopped in New York city where I met Edgar Lopez.  Edgar is one of the artists in Marcia DeCoster presents and he signed the book.  We had a delightful visit at York beads where I got to experience firsthand his passion for beading.  I hope we have the opportunity to cross paths again.

I am working on having every artist in the book sign may take me some time as the contributors live in some far reaching places, but that is my goal!


Rita said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! That would be wonderful if you could get all the autographs! Welcome home Marcia!

Edgar Lopez said...

Thanks Marcia for take the time to meet me, was a great honor for me