Friday, September 19, 2014


It's been a a grey rainy week in Alaska which some might find disappointing, however my home of San Diego has had record highs all week.  I'm good with grey and rainy.

I had teaching engagements on the weekend and evenings but days have been free to sit in a beautiful space and bead.

We did make the drive to Seward on Monday which has stunning views. There were trees that had turned vibrant shades of yellow and Sunrays shooting through clouds.

Lunch at Rays seafood produced the best chowder I've ever eaten and a stop at a meat processor resulted in reindeer bratwurst that Mark cooked for dinner.

This is the serene view from Rays.

On Monday Linda and I had a dinner at the warm and inviting Rustic Goat.

My time relaxing and beading has resulted in a this new piece, Ancient Bells.

Two more classes and then home to San Diego where I hope the heat wave has broken!


Rita said...

Looks like your enjoying yourself. Beautiful pics. Ancient Bells looks like a fun project.

The bad Liz said...

Ancient bells is very, very cool. This one I might need, eventually.

Terry from Alaska said...

That's what you were working on the other night in class- this is cool looking.