Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I took a few earrings photos yesterday....I've made quite a few pair this past year and I'm getting ready to illustrate the directions.  I'll be debuting them as a class called 'going formal' on a cruise in May.  Some may show up before then because if you like earrings being able to make your own in a color of your choosing is pretty good.

Using the romantica component and a bit of diamond weave finished with a  beautiful pave drop.

Hubble Stitch from a craw base, very fluid and fabric'y.  Finished with metallic sunshine Swarovski drop.

Soft and beautiful, a craw teardrop finished with a sprocket and a praw-3 circle which attached the ear wire.  Finished with a Swarovski drop in metallic sunshine.

Swarovski fancy stone in unfoiled fuchsia, long since discontinued but I have a few.  Turquoise ab 2x and a golden shadow pave drop.

RAW bezel with 3 mm Iridescent green 2 x crystal and metallic sunshine fancy stone.

My newest favorite pair of shoulder dusters in dark silver with chain and a platinum pearl top.  This teardrop is made bottom up with the sprocket which contains the chain made first and then a split into two sides to complete the teardrop.

A second Romantica medallion pair for those of us who prefer silver.


kittythe1 said...

wouahh I am a fan of earrings, I'd better my collection ...
they are wonderful!!!!

Goede Sier said...


LoriF said...

Gorgeous!! I'll have to rethink that metallic sunshine finish, I'm a silver person as well so it didn't really do it for me. These look far softer in colour than the pictures online.

Jamie Lubin said...

All I can say is wow Marcia! Of course I want to make them all....and your color choices are superb. Glad to see that your relaxed schedule has gotten your creative juices flowing. Love that you are putting together an earring class....great idea. All my love! Jamie

MaryA said...

Can't wait for some/any of those patterns to become available!

MaryA said...

Can't wait for some/any of those patterns to become available!