Monday, January 20, 2020

NYC and Vogue Knitting Live

I had a great few days in NYC as I always do.

In between a Patty Lyon class and a Steven B lecture I met with my friend Edgar Lopez for a great visit. We of course talked beads as that is our connection. Edgar was one of the amazing bead artists featured in my third book, Marcia DeCoster Presents. Edgar's work is always bold, colorful and sparkly!
Here I am in a Kristy Glass selfie after the Subway storm ride. What is a subway storm? A huge gathering of knitters met at the Times Square subway station and rode the train to south ferry and back while wearing their finest knitwear and knitting. Kristy posted this on her instagram stories but I missed it, thanks to a friend for the screen capture. Later in the day I saw Kristy at the VKL marketplace and I gave her the crown. Completely her color and she loved it, so now it’s hers!

In the hopes of staying focused I had a plan to purchase beautiful yarn for one project, Esjan by Steven West. Mine will be in different colors, I bought a gradient set which I’ll show you when I get home and have the real computer. I am still stymied by the fact my photo stream does not show up in Blogg, so it’s complicated.

Since Mark is with me and I didn’t want to spend every minute at the knitting show, well I did but that wasn’t really fair...this is a shot from our trip to MOMA. There was a temporary exhibition called taking a thread for a walk.

That’s it for now. Today we travel home. I have lots of knitting to keep me company in the airport and in the air. 

Tomorrow I will take the fabulous new eyeglass frames I purchased in NYC to my local optician. Stay tuned, they are bright and so fun!

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