Saturday, September 18, 2010

And the verdict is......

The Bad Liz and I will be teaching our very first class together! Tuesday June 7th we will co teach our collaboration 'Under the Mast II'.

I'll also be teaching 'Under the Mast' the original on Friday, so there will plenty of opportunity to create your own personal affirmation necklace. Before bezeling your fancy stone, you may write a personal affirmation, or if your making a gift, an exclamation of love, or a favorite quote, whatever strikes your fancy. When I described this to Mark, he shared the story of a sailboat being built and a coin being placed under the mast for good luck.

Last years class was sold out with 20 students, and every single person had success with many coming close to finishing in class. This is one of my favorite pieces to wear and also to create and gift to dear friends. In my circle of girls, we each made one, and they all say 'celebrating the creative connection'. I love being able to write a message that I think of it, Under the Mast II is in my possession, and I've been wearing it and I have no idea what it says since it belongs to Liz!


flyingbeader said...

HUrrah! Oh and this is the year I can finally come to B&B! I'm so tempted to spend a day with you two.

Kat BM said...

very Kewl! and it couldn't happen to a nicer Bad Liz