Monday, September 27, 2010

Under the Mast Three?!

This weekend I drove North of LA to Newbury Park to teach at Creative Castle. I've taught there for the past ten years so I feel totally at home with lots of returning students, a welcoming store and staff and this weekend several delightful new folks to meet.

We started out on Saturday making Under the Mast. Chris who started taking my classes maybe 5 years ago, always does beautiful work, bringing her own style and eye for color to any piece she does. She was wearing a beautiful version of Descending Nights from last years Beading by the Bay. She started out with a vintage amethyst crystal and proceeded to bead this exquisite version of Under the Mast.

And a beautiful picture of a smiling Chris. She started this Saturday at 10:00 and here she is wearing it Sunday morning.

Day two we moved onto Aurelia and once again there were many beautiful colors. Chris did an antique brass looking bead with black accents, sand opal crystals and loch rosen and an accent of pf470, look for it, it's a beautiful color.

Cheryls' was silver, dark silver and accents of blue,

Cathy's was dark brown with a muted pink and a volcano loch rosen, Michelles was silver and a beautiful blue zircon loch rosen, Hannah was doing black and silver, spectacular....

I want to make them all. Several folks were going to change up the design into a necklace which I'm all for. I think the component will make a beautiful necklace. We discussed several possible variations. For those of you reading who are making Aurelia components and thinking variation, please send pictures!

Someone in the shop, created this gorgeous version of 'Gabriella' a project in the book Marcia DeCoster's Beaded Opulence. This one instead of stone used light gold metallic crystal on one side and pearls on the other. Quite stunning!


The bad Liz said...

How awesome it that version!!! It's wonderful

a2susan said...

It's so fun to see what people make, the colors they use, but especially to see how happy they are!

Katie said...

Chris' necklace is wonderful! She's such a nice lady, too...I ran into her at Beads on the Vine, too :o)

Anik├│ - Gy├Ângyszerelem said...

Fantastic! Amazing Jewelry!
Congratulations! :)