Thursday, February 9, 2012

Time ....

is not on my side at the moment. Yesterday I spent a relaxing day of beading with Jeanette Cook an Paulette Baron, in the beautiful weather. We took our trays out to the veranda and enjoyed the warmness and the gentle breeze. I also beaded up the most of a new Lilliana in a delectable soft aqua and gold. Once again I am using the 2mm gold aurum crystals which I really wanted to hoard for myself, but they were the perfect addition so I used them.

Photos tomorrow when I have more time. Linda Roberts is due shortly for an impromptu Illustrator lesson. Funny since only a few weeks back I was lamenting if I'd ever learn and now think I'm ready to pay it forward with giving another bead artist a few pointers. Rachel Nelson Smith, Bonnie Brooks and Florence Turnour all took times out of their schedule to help me so when Linda posted that she really wanted to illustrate her new metal beads raw bracelet I volunteered to help. She lives reasonably close by so we set today as a time to spend a couple of hours going over some bead drawing basics.

I had hinted at an artist profile on the site, but since I want to do a good job I will be waiting until I have a bit more time.

I will however leave you with a pretty view of Maya's new collar, fit for the princess that she is!


Helen said...

I'm very much looking forward to Lilliana in aqua..sounds yummy.
What a beautiful and unique collar for the lovely Princess Maya.

Unknown said...

Oh Maya's collar is so pretty! I know about time being a thief too. Sickness has stolen it from me this week!

BeadsForever said...

Because I know how busy you are right now, it meant even more that you took time out of your schedule to meet with me! So thankful! I hope time will be kinder to you this next week. I agree about Maya's collar - she will be even more adorable wearing it!