Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beaded Earrings

Lately I just can't get enough of beaded earrings.  There was a time I never made them, having to make two and all, I worried about second earring syndrome and being bored making two.  However one of the advantages of component design is often you end up with extra components and what better way to make a pair of earrings.

This pair were destined for a necklace, the center focal of which is ten spines around, I made two nine spine elements and decided I preferred the simplicity of the necklace as it stood.  What to do with two extra?  Make earrings of course.  I love that these swing from chain and I love the carribean blue opal with the chocolate brown.

This pair is part of a new series that I have done, making both a necklace and bracelet.  I was playing with color and deciding which beads to use, so these two if you look closely actually have different color beads.  I love the Tierra Cast Earwires where I can add a coordinating accent bead.

 Both pairs have distinctly different styles which I love. Bold and dramatic vs. Soft and romantic, an earring for every occasion!


NEDbeads said...

Ooooo, they're beautiful!!! And I LOVE that you used two of your components with different colored seeds as a pair of earrings - un-matching can be sooooo fab!!!

Diane Ingle said...

Now everything I look at makes me think about component design. Now, I must get to doing some beading of my own, if only I could get organized.

Cindy Holsclaw said...

Beautiful earrings! I love the Duomo Romantico (sp?) pair, plus I didn't even notice the different colors of seed beads!

Rita said...

They both are beautiful! I'm definitely going to have to make some earrings of beads and crystals. I usually just wear plain gold, I need to start wearing more colored earrings!

CraftyHope said...

Those are both fab, but that second pair really had me sucking air when I saw it. Gasp!! Beautiful work :)