Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Refining the sprocket design

Occasionally the first version of something is perfect…..very occasionally.  More often then not I see  design variations that I think will improve the overall effect I want to achieve.

Sprockets were born during a plane flight, one where I was exhausted and had not even packed beads.  For some reason as I settled in I had one of those what if moments that could not be denied.  So I took out the only two beads I had with me, one size 15 and one size 11.  The idea worked beautifully, but I wasn't quite sure how it would develop.  Over the next few days it grew up to be a pendant with a revolving rivoli center and a suspended sprocket.  The colors felt uninspired (based on my original two beads which were all I had with me) and I wasn't happy with the suspended sprocket, but all in all I knew there were possibilities.

Sprockets in and of themselves are a whimsical bit of bead work so I decided that whimsical colors were called for and pulled out a collection of brightly colored beads.  I added some ultra rivolis in pink and orange and sat down for a second session.

An added feature of the design….it's reversible!  I changed up the bottom to be teardrop shaped which I find more pleasing and added just one sprocket instead of the three from the original design.

The front (well whose to say it's the front, it's just the side I originally thought of as the front), has an extra row of sprockets off the front face.

The bottom teardrop will make a great sprockety earring, something I intend to work on in the near future.  For now I have another pendant that needs some attention before the Bead and Button submission deadline.

Here is the original sprocket.  I do love the little mint green o-beads beneath the crystal tips and perhaps adding the new teardrop shape to the bottom will reclaim this piece and be more to my liking.  There is still a lot of sprocket play to be done.  These sprockets are built from every third cube of the base, but perhaps every other cube would be appealing.  There are eight sprockets which turns out fits an 18mm rivoli center perfectly, but perhaps seven or nine would be better.  This one also has some short and some long sprockets, but if they are too long they tend to be wobbly and no one likes a wobbly sprocket!

Off to lunch with friends followed by some 'real' work and then I will bead.  My next pendant/earring is also awaiting some design evolution.  The shape makes beautiful earrings, but not everyone loves a large earring.   I'm adapting it into a pendant for perhaps wider appeal, but then it's a small pendant…..not everyone likes a large pendant, right?  So I'm torn as to which direction I will go.  I'm leaning toward offering a pendant with  the option to make earrings.  We shall see.


Joanna König said...

Ein Einzigartiges Schmuckstück!!!

Rita said...

The sprocket is really a neat whimsical piece, will look good in all colors