Friday, February 27, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane....

I always loved that song.....although it brings back memories of my very first heartbreak.

But this time it's all good. Seems like I'm always leaving on a jet plane these days. But this time I'll arrive in New Orleans to get on a big boat, meet up with dear husband and fellow beaders.

I took a few minutes last night to make these pretties. Just what I needed to go with the shawl. Verde rivolis, verde teardrops, bezeled in bronzey 3 cuts, embellished with gold charlottes. Simple yet elegant.

I'm pretty much ready, a few details yet to attend to, but the day is young and I'm confident.

I look forward to having some serious beading time, something that's been lacking in my life the last few days at least. I have ideas begging to be beaded, now what beads to pack?

This little jewel has been waiting for it's proper design complement since Thanksgiving when it first showed up in my mind and insisted on being beaded. There are five more and a necklace design is beginning to form...

Purple iris fire polish, peach helix crystal bi-cones, volcano rondelle center and a touch of orange permanent finish seed beads. I'm pretty much loving it.

Well dear blog readers, I fear that internet access will be scarce and blogging while I'm on the ship not practical, so please come back next week when I'll provide the 'full report' of a wonderful trip!


tnahowru said...

you probably won't get this til you get back but have Mark take a pic of you in your white with the BEAUTIFUL earings you just made.

Valerie said...

Ohhh, Marcia. You are the beading queen of earrings! I love everything you do, but am most wowed by the dazzle of the earrings! These are especially scrumptious... you can add these to MY list ;o)
Hope your cruise is wonderful.