Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Under the Mast

I'm teaching Under the Mast at Bead and Button, so I am photographing, buying supplies and preparing to kit the multiple colorways. There is exactly one spot left in this class, is it yours?

This one is stunning, medium vitral fancy stone, surrounded by olive green faceted seed bead with a simple yet elegant chain. I love it. Brilliantly named by Mark, Under the Mast refers to the practice of putting a coin Under the Mast during ship building for luck. In this case, an affirmation is placed under the stone before bezeling it. This one says 'Celebrating the Creative Connection' and is one of five. The original is mine, and four of my near and dear friends own the other four. What would yours say?


Michelle said...

Simply Gorgeous! It's so simple yet eye-catching. What a lovely piece!
Bead Happy!

Mikki said...

How cool! Mine would say what my birth numbers do....Create, Create Change.

Alma said...

Ó, csodás!!!

MARITINA said...


Carole Ohl said...

yum yum yum