Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beads of Colour

I'm in Dundas now, about an hour outside of Toronto and it is charming. Old houses, lovely gardens, much greenery, beads and yarn, could it get better (well it could be less humid) Although having said that, and as uncomfortable as it is for us Californians, my skin is all's not usually dewey in California.

The store, Beads of Colour, is wonderfully eclectic with treasure to be found in all kinds of nooks and crannies. The classroom is in the midst of the store so the nooks and crannies call me and distract me while I'm teaching. The vintage chain is especially amazing, much chain that I've never seen the likes of before. Debi has a great eye for bringing together a wonderful mix of components and has a stellar selection of seed beads as well. See how distracted I am, I meant to tell you about the teaching. Yesterday was Portico pendant and everyone enjoyed great success.

Twin speed beaders Tiena and Christina both finished pendants and started on variations of their own (Their not really twins, but man are they both fast). Portico pendant is like that, once you finish one, there are so many thought processes for different combinations of the diamond and ellipse.

Barbara used a color lined etched bead in a denimy blue that I had never seen and the results were amazing (where was that camera, well I was distracted as I said) There is a nice feeling in the store, a lot of love and sharing.

Barb comes today. You can't help but love Barb she is an artist and full of enthusiasm. I met her last year with the rest of the ladies at Beadfest.

My I'm chatty today.....well here is a promised picture of our beautiful B&B.

Yesterday we had a buffet breakfast with fruit, yogurt, bagels, scones, fresh bread, cereal and then we were served apple cinnamon french toast, fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee. Yes there are only two of us!

And Debi took me out to the Needle Emporium on our lunch break. I'm afraid there were more yarn purchases involved.....The store was very well stocked and owner Julie was delightful to talk with.

Today, day one of Urchin Lariat, tonight Niagra falls. I didn't mention but Debi's husband David is a wonderful host who has offered to take us to the falls. Mark is taking his own self guided tour of the many smaller waterfalls in Dundas today. We're both hoping for cooler weather!


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LOLA said...

Tiene unos preciosos trabajos , felicidades!!!!!!!

kate mckinnon said...

How nice, the Falls at Night! Will you ride the Maid of the Mist?

Say hello to everyone for me,

Nicki said...

This pendant is so beautiful! I love the colours! Fantastic work!
Many greetings,

Perlen und Pinsel said...

Ein wunderbarer Anhänger, sehr sehr schöne Farben!
Lieben Gruß