Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teaching in Toronto

We arrived after an uneventful travel day and were greeted by the lovely Marg who drove through the city with ease (something I'm always in awe of, tending towards neurosis in my driving style) and checked us into the downtown Chelsea Delta hotel.

After an early Thai dinner which was excellent, I retired for a little rest, after all vacation can be hard work!

Today I will teach the Bellisimo beaded bead at BeadFX. I'm beside myself with excitement, can't wait to see the large crystal and seed bead selections! Bellisimo is great fun because of the endless variation that can be accomplished.

The original was beaded on a sailing vacation down the Aeolian coast of Italy, with a new bead completed each day in each port. That was an excellent trip full of wonderful memories. We started in Naples, stopped in Amalfi, Capris, Cefalu, Santorini and ended in Sicily. We did a night sail to see the erupting volcano Stromboli. We viewed the eruptions for 20 minutes when we heard mayday, mayday, batten down the hatches and head to Santorini, there is a huge storm coming. Not being the sailor in the family, that was not my idea of a good time, but we made it into port just in time and were 'stranded' for 3 days. What a place to be stranded, it was excellent.

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