Monday, July 26, 2010

Full Moon over Niagara

Sunday night Debi of Beads of Colour and husband David graciously offered to drive us to Niagara Falls, the Canadian side. We took the QEW and noticed some significant traffic on the outbound route, while driving in, but chose to stay in denial.

We blissfully viewed the falls from several vantage points, witnessing a rainbow as well as the full moon rising over the falls. It was truly awe inspiring and we loved it.

Here are two pictures shot by Mark of the falls
and Debi and I enjoying the falls.

We then returned to the car for the 45 minute drive home.....however that was not to be, three separate traffic jams, all due to roadwork

and three hours and twenty minutes later we arrived back at our B&B. Thanks David, you chauffeured us beautifully and never lost your cool.


Anonymous said...

The photo of the falls struck a chord. I lived in Niagara Falls, NY from 1975-1977 and going to the Canadian side to view the falls was always an enjoyable adventure. The hanging baskets filled with flowers and draping vines and the beautifully manicured topiary gardens were also a breathtaking site. Thanks for the walk down memory lane! I'm glad you had the pleasant experience to dwell on during the long drive back.

The bad Liz said...

In all my visits to NF, I have never viewed the falls from the US side. The view from the Canadien side never fails to impress.

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Great photos! Too bad about the traffic.