Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Color Fail

Last night I made a component for the second sample of this piece. Since there are peanuts, loch rosen, 2 mm crystals, aswarvoski fancy stone and a crystalized tear drop there are a lot of color choices that must come together.  The dark green here is the perfect backdrop to the sand opal fancy stone and it set off beautifully by the dorado loch rosen and the gold peanuts and gold 2 mm crystals and teardrop.

What I had in inventory was pacific opal fancy stones and dark silver peanuts with a grey opal loch rosen.  What I needed was a high contrast frame for the size 11 seed bead which would set off the fancy stone but also contrast with the dark silver peanuts.  I chose a pale green aqua matte and used a light gold metallic 2 mm to set off the edges....but the pacific opal fancy stone disappears.  

Well at least that was last nights assessment, but today I'm kind of liking it.....I think I'm going to go with it, add a few of dark silver peanuts to begin the strap and re evaluate.

I wish that I didn't have to actually bead a piece to evaluate it's color correctness.  It is however a fairly small piece of beadwork, a 5 cube to a side square which holds the fancy stone, so I may try a dark silver  one and see what I think.

First though the Airstream goes to the DMV, it's first outing.  A scary thought for me who has never pulled a trailer, but Mark is confident.  I'll let you know how it goes!

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