Friday, June 14, 2013

New life for old design

I suppose I shouldn't call it 'old' but this piece was first made for Marcia DeCoster's Beaded Opulence so it was beaded in 2007.  My sister in law, a soon to be mother of the groom, sent photos of her beautiful green dress and asked for jewelry suggestions.  Coppery sparkle came to mind so I dug this piece out of it's storage place and looked at it with fresh eyes.

It has bands of right angle weave, diagonally embellished with 4 mm light colorado topaz ab crystals and coppery czech dangles.  It's pretty, and my sister in law also chose it out of a line up four different offerings, but yet......

I wanted it to be better.  Do you ever do that?  Revisit a design from prior years and see an improvement?  Swarovski's new rose gold crystal seemed to me to be the perfect compliment to this palette.  I've added them (or started to) to each of the raw units between the current crystals.  I have also added a rosaline gold top drilled 6 mm crystal at the bottom of each of those units.

I can tell you I am very very happy with the result.  I'm also going to take a tuck in the middle of the piece to accentuate the center spine and make it more of a focal as well as give the necklace a vee shape as opposed to it's current roundish curve.

Sometime this weekend I will show you the result.  Then I'll make some earrings and send it off.  I'll be attending the Santa Fe wedding later this summer, wonder what I'll wear?


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Jamie Lubin said...

Hi Marcia!
Every time you mention Beaded Opulence I automatically reach for it in my bookcase and I look through it again. All of the designs are time less and beg to be made. I know that you had mentioned someone that was on a mission to create every design? How far did she get? Still, eagerly awaiting class at Blanches'. It will be great to see you!

Elena M. said...

Hi Marcia¡¡ I'm anxious to see your final design.

Ankara66 said...

Sorry, I'm afraid I've send you a mail from my daugther's account.... (I'm still anxious to see your final design)