Friday, June 24, 2016

Beading through Bohemia

I just wanted to do a quick update to tell you, Beading through Bohemia is a definite.  When a retreat or trip is planned there is always some risk that there won't be enough folks interested in joining your adventure.  Different factors as far as the timing, itinerary, and cost all come together to help people make a decision if this one's for them.

Well I'm happy to report enough folks have decided that Sue Burleigh's Beading through Bohemia in May meets their criteria for a trip, that we'll be going.  This doesn't mean you still can't go, there's room left for some beaders and some not beaders so if you're on the fence or if you're just reading this and think it might be a fit you find out more here or look at my previous blog post here.  On the May trip I will be the bead artist joining in and I'm busy preparing some bohemian themed beadwork for your pleasure.  I think this one is an excellent couple trip as there is plenty of free time for you to spend together and a three day river cruise which I've not done but I just have to imagine it would provide for a bit of romance!

A few photos from my previous trip to Prague.  I've not been to Vienna or Budapest so both of those sound truly exciting to me.

Angel sculpture in silhouette

Views from a boat ride we took while in Prague.

A taste of the fanciful architecture you'll see

There is also a second trip, same itinerary with Marjorie Garcia Barnes later in the summer if May doesn't work for you.  You can find out more about that one here.

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