Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New tricks?

I bead with double fireline......and I wax and knot.  It's habit that has developed over many years and mostly serves me well.  I don't have to look for a certain color, the fireline recedes into the work, I get the tension I need without pulling too tightly which is hard on my hands.  I can manage double thread easily which you can read about here.  For the most part I'm happy with the results it gets me, but I decided I needed to be a bit more open minded.

So on a recent visit from Sabine Lippert I decided to give her way a go.  Single Sonoko thread.  It has more elasticity and so I can pull tight and get really good tension with  single thread.  Usually my tension is completely even and has enough fluidity in it.  I've got a rhythm that works.  With Sonoko thread I did a length of cubic raw that needed to bend around a fancy stone.  I pulled tighter in some places than others and got a 1/2 inch of unbendable craw in the middle of the piece!  For me, knowing I could achieve this tension with pulling tightly was a revelation as usually with single thread I cannot.

This bezel definitely benefits from single thread as the row of embellishment on it's surface was difficult.  My second one with the sonoko thread was easier.  Having said that, I immediately cut the thread with the 2mm crystal edge embellishment, so I switched back to fireline for that part.  I'm always a tad reluctant to suggest two different threads within a piece and especially to be specific about brand.  I must agree with Sabine however that my Sonoko thread experience has been superior to other nylon threads I've tried.

I'm beading a second wind beneath my wings and I've decided to continue my experimentation with the hubble band and craw bezel.  In both cases the Sonoko thread has served me well.  I can definitely see a different where I've pull too tight and am getting way more tension then I typically achieve even with doubled wax fireline.  

So as the saying goes, I guess you can teach old dogs or old bead artists new tricks!


Just Beady Jules said...

Fabulous Princess Anna, Marcia. Good to know that you considered other methods and embraced the change. There are others that don't. We get caught up in our daily routines and habits and dismiss experimenting with other threads, glues, needles, beads, etc. We are a society of brand loyalty. There is a plus to your change to Sonoko, you don't have to wipe off the graphite. Thanks for sharing. Thanks to Sabine for sharing too! <3

vintagepeddler said...

So many good ideas here , thanks Daisy

vintagepeddler said...

So many good ideas here , thanks Daisy