Friday, June 3, 2016

Travel Dreams

If you've read for awhile you probably know that we have plans to travel more.  So how does one decide one's travel schedule?

Well we've got a notebook and in it we have a domestic list (as in airstream travel) and an International list (as in must fly or possibly boat).  There is his list and her list and then the lists are ranked with mutual destinations at the top.  At least one and maybe 2 domestic trips and one International a year, peppered with weekend trips and Santa Cruz trips to see family.

We'll start this summer with a long planned airstream trip and we'll combine an East Coast retreat this year with some visiting on the East Coast.  Early December may find us doing a last minute cruise.  With our schedules that works for us which is nice.

So what's on the list?

Well we both think a Tahiti revisit (we've been once before, sailing around the islands) is a great choice.

That was a magical trip!

We both love Italy, here is Cinque Terra

We both love train travel

and European architecture

and we've never been to Austria so we're thinking a trip there would be good!

In the meantime we'll keep dreaming and see where our dreams lead us.

What's your dream vacation?


cl said...

Wien is a dream , Klimt in real life , vibrating unto your bones, , their breakfasts ( fruhstuck) and eis caffe; bathing in the Danube, music festival, and people behave...I was there for 4 days , definitly to short, I have to go back ))

Here Bead Dragons said...

My dream vacation - touring Ireland, Scotland and parts of England.