Friday, March 26, 2010

Awesome pictures!

Kyle Cassidy posted a photo journal of his weekend in San Diego. My favorite by far, the yoga poses of Jay Whaley and girlfriend Terri. Go have a look! Kyle has a wonderful way of planning his photos and it was great fun to be a part of that.

In other news, I am teaching today in New Hampshire and it's snowing! More like a really wet sleet, but it's white and coming down fast. In just a few minutes I have to walk out into that snow and I'm unprepared. I forget that being wet is a fact of life in most areas of the country, it's such a rare event in San Diego.

Off to Bead Creative where I expect to be tantalized by a huge selection of seed beads and crystals and fun classes!


kyle cassidy said...

i want to see macro photos!

Marcia DeCoster said...

soon.....on the road, but you will see macro! I learned so much.