Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jungle Bells

Yesterday was the last day of my 'vacation' and I wanted to spend it well.  A group of friends came and beaded at the new table and it held us all comfortably.  I beaded, and with the help of Cindy Holsclaw worked out a challenging turn.  I wanted to keep the pattern but create a 90 degree angle in the beadwork.  Sounds simple, and there are only 4 sides to the pattern, 8 beads to be placed and yet I still found it difficult.  But Cindy has that kind of mind, and I was so sure she would be able to help sort me out and she did.  Nice having competent beaders around, I'm so glad she lives here now.  Her beaded beads are crazy good!  Some day I should try one.

She is going to be a guest speaker for the San Diego Bead Society in April.  Beki Haley from Whimbeads will be coming in January and presenting a talk on color and finish influences in beadwork, and in February Gail Crosman Moore will be here.  I would say that is a pretty good run of accomplished guest artists coming our way this year.  Each of these artists is also giving a class, so check out the San Diego Bead Society Blog and have a look.  Class fees for members are lower, so consider joining, but  you can also join in on a class if you are not a member.  Just look for the contact us link on the blog.

Whew, just thought I should bring you up to date on all the excellent artists who will be in San Diego, but back to my day off.

We finished up beading in the late afternoon.  I also made excellent progress on the cuff I creating for the large focal I did.  Of course now there is the clasp dilemna as always.

Mark and I decided on a date night and began the night as it turned dark at the San Diego Zoo's Jungle Bells event.  The park is open and night and lit up with Christmas lights.  We started with a Skyfari ride which was kind of romantic.  It was a nice outing, but crazy crowded, and this after the holidays, it must have been crazier last week.

Here is one of the moving light displays....cute.

We finished up with a visit to the sushi restaurant in the Fish Market.  Their fish is so incredibly fresh and I love that it is on the water.  All in all a nice last day of vacation.  Now the work begins!


Cindy said...

To be fair, it's a much more challenging turn than it looks!

Love the pictures from Jungle Bells. Unfortunately I don't think we'll be able to make it until next Christmas. Oh well...

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my Heritage Happens said...

I had the pleasure of meeting and taking a class from Cindy Holsclaw this year, and yes, she has a way with those beaded beads! Nice post!