Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Kandra ring

I love a project where I can tuck a message into the beadwork, a message that is intended for the individual who will wear that beadwork.  Previously I designed 'Under the Mast' which  had this characteristic.
When I completed it and I told husband Mark, a sailor, about the message, he replied 'Oh, like when boat builders put a coin under the mast for good luck' and I thought that was a fitting name.  I gifted a good many Under the Masts, a really doable project, and perfect for those of us beaders who have friends who prefer a simpler more classic piece of jewelry then some we might make!

When a dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer I immediately made her one tucking in a message of health and well being.  She is well now, but continues to enjoy wearing her simple pendant.
When I first designed the Dream Keeper I wanted to put a message more durable then paper since rings might get wet and take a little more wear and tear.  About that same time I found a shrink plastic artist and took a class.  This was the perfect medium.   You could write your dream, personalize it, and then shrink it into hard plastic which not only carried your message, but also gave the ring structural integrity.
Also being a design where color play happens in a small space, I started making dream keepers and couldn't stop.....just one more color combination.
And then I read another dear friend was struggling with a scary diagnosis.  She needed a ring, I was sure of it, one with her own message of healing.  For this one I wanted not only crystals or pearls, but I wanted a metal bead, one that evoked strength to go along with the sparkle that is Kandra.

She was touched when she received her ring.  I'm sure that knowing we have this large community of friends who cheer us on and care about us is a huge comfort.  I am in awe of this community of beaders who support one another.  Well the good news is that Kandra is recovering and her diagnosis has been revised and she is returning to optimum health.
Thank you for stopping by, and thank you to Lori for inviting me to participate in the Memories and Thanks Blog Hop.
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Kim said...

I love the ring and the necklace, and the idea of the little messages inside.

Melissa said...

Your necklace and the sentiment are beautiful! Would there be a chance you would post directions for this beginning beader?

God bless you and your angels in recovery!


Melissa said...

Good morning!!! Your necklace, and the meaning behind it is just beautiful!! Any chance you would post directions for the beginning jewelry maker???

God bless you and your healing friends!!!