Monday, March 4, 2013

and it's done!

The Bead Within design work is complete.  I spent last week heads down with sketches and beads coming together into the last projects for the third book.

Gabriella was here all week and we were happy to offer her a respite from her chicago winter cold with beautiful blue skies and temps in the 80's.  Saturday night was the rare warm night in March where we were able to dine on the veranda.  (sorry Lynne, maybe next visit we'll provide you with the same).

I loved having Gabriella here, it was wonderful to be able to lean over mid design and consult on direction.  Usually I am alone here, and all design decisions are made alone, or with the advice of Mark's less is more design aesthetic.  In the end the design is my own of course, but another point of view is always welcome and often another designer will think of a pitfall in the plan which is best avoided.

I have many favorites in this third collection of pieces.  Susan's brilliant insights helped to hone in on the four color schemes, so this book will have four collections, bronze, platinum, silver and gold.

I had always wanted to design a locket and this book being titled 'The Bead Within' seemed the perfect time.  A bit of cubic raw formed a nice square shadow box and a surprise is tucked behind the door.  don't you just want to open it!

I'm off to Beading by the Bay in the morning, excited to spend a week with so many people who I hold dear.  And a visit with both grand babies!


just me said...

congrats on finishing! and i don't think the weather was too bad the last time i was out!

just me said...
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Marcia DeCoster said...

I don't believe we ate on the veranda howevee