Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Design Challenged

I think it must be in the air because not only am I experiencing design challenge, but I am reading friends statuses who are experiencing the same.

Patrick Duggan wrote about it here.  Another friend was lamenting her lack of creating anything lovely and it got me to thinking.  I've been here before certainly.  Convinced I'm never going to design another thing that is wearable, teachable, printable, but so far at least, I have.

However that is not really the issue, the issue is that I have short term success memory.  I just finished designing 48 projects for 2 back to back books and am in the midst of a 49th and 50th project for another book.  So the problem really lies with me not taking the time to appreciate where I've been, looking behind me to see what I've accomplished and not forward with worry.

It's natural to take a break from designing, necessary even, and giving oneself permission to do so is an important part of the process.  I have lots of logistical things to take care of this month, and that is where my focus will lie.

In the meantime I will try to surround myself with beauty and trust that the beads will again speak to me.

This necklace is the creation of Chris who often takes my classes at Creative Castle and always attends Beading by the Bay.  She took the Cassandra bracelet and turned it into this gorgeous choker.  The beautiful toggle was her own addition and finished the piece beautifully.

The Cassandra component is one of five which will be part of the Bead and Button Master Class.  It has so many possibilities, this is just one very regal example of how it might be used.  The playground is complete in neutral colors and now the components have been beaded using the color palettes I've selected for kits.

As each set is completed I find myself playing with arrangements and getting more and more excited to see what develops in June!


Patrick said...

Thank you Marcia. Your recent FB comment really resonated with me at the time and your post is a great reality check.
I often forget what lies behind and put my focus on the next design. This post is a great reminder to look at what you have created and take a break when needed.
Happy beading.

Helen said...

Beautiful and prolific designs...its good that you took a look back!

Peikkonen said...

The first thought I had when I started reading was "you just wrote TWO books!". When I'm on a slump, I take a marathon through other peoples' blogs and sites, or all the patterns I've accumulated, until something sparks me. You're on a higher level, so you could probably just start making some of your own designs, and I'm sure new possibilities would jump at you. (If you're still feeling challenged after your design break, which I doubt :) )

Angela Smith said...

Absolutely to move forward you do have to look back - beautiful designs

NEDbeads said...

Due to all of the things going on, I'm just now seeing your post, Marcia - and thank you so much. You are SO right. I need to look back and be grateful more often, rather than taking my anxiety and putting it in front of me. Thank you for the reminder, I really needed it... you always have something in your posts to help uplift and boost me.