Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm here!

Beading by the Bay. We don't start until tomorrow evening but there is a bit of prep to manage tomorrow afternoon. The morning however is all mine.

I want to take a nice long bay walk although rain threatens to make it a wet one. Then over to Burlingame across the bridge for a walk around the shops and lunch.

Today the entire day was spent with grand daughter Malayna. thanks to FaceTime she seems pretty comfortable with grandma and grandpa. we joined her for her gymnastic session. we also achieved a milestone when Mom announced she would leave for a bit and Malayna answered with a nonchalant ok....Seems we are acceptable caretakers now!

On Mom's return we went in search of pink shoes. Malayna was a very happy shopping companion and we found sparkly pink Tom's shoes.

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Robin Kay said...

Thanks for the name drop Marcia - it is a small world! Had a wonderful time at Beading by the Bay and am looking forward to finishing all of my shiny new projects ... Robin