Sunday, March 17, 2013


During my early bead teaching career, I didn't necessarily understand the concept I now refer to as 'teachable moments'.  A classroom piece should have multiple opportunities to instruct or pass on information.  But before I understood this I taught New York State of Mind.

It was a base of right angle weave with size 11's and 15's which was gathered and then embellished.  The trouble was, it took many hours to do the base, and the second step was to gather the base, and then embellish.

Well I did learn the difference between a class project and a magazine project and published New York State of Mind as part of the Designer series in the 2008 Beadwork magazines.

Today Tina wore an absolutely gorgeous New York State of Mind.

Isn't it beautiful?


Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

Oh it is beautiful and VERY New York State of Mind!!! xoxox jean

Christina said...

That's absolutely beautiful!!! Love the colour!!!

Denise said...

It's gorgeous pink cute

Bizzy B said...

Wow -- that is beautiful. I learned RAW beading New York State of Mind. Lots & lots of practice. I'm still pleased with it.

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

That is glorious!

Loretta Headrick said...

Gasp--my favorite color--always smashing...gorgeous.