Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Beading All Stars - Deco Bracelet

Obtaining the un 'obtainables'  I had to laugh when I saw this reference recently….yes occasionally we inadvertently design with a piece that ends up being hard to get.   Sometimes there is a long lead time between design and a publication.

This was the case with the Deco bracelet that I designed for the Beading All Stars book published by Lark this September.  It is a compilation of ten artists who each designed two piece for the book.  If you haven't had a look you may want to as there are some beautiful designs in this book.

The 'lemon' fancy stone had just been released and I couldn't resist the allure of it's checkerboard racets and it's tapered shape.  The foiled silver night stone was just so darn pretty and surrounded with a size 15 raw bezel really stood out as the focal piece.

As it turns out not everyone store is carrying the lemon fancy stone….but a few are!  I know that if you give Beads by Blanche a call she has some to sell you.  Also Isabella Lam is carrying it in her Etsy store here….and here

And in a bit of time I will have kits available for the version seen here.  Although the webstore remains closed until the end of my travels this year, I will keep you posted when the Deco Bracelet kit is available, or you can use the contact us form on the web site to let me know if you interested.

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Nancy said...

Thats a beautiful bracelet!