Saturday, October 18, 2014

Contemporary Geometric Beadwork

Kate McKinnons Contemporary Geometric Beadwork Volumne II, arrived in yesterdays mail and I've got to say the level of work, the photography, the forms, the creativity…..the colors! All so very well done.

There are so many incredibly unique piece in this book yet they all evolved from a few concepts.

This is the ultimate in process/project, given a few instructions on process, creative genius ensued.

The Mariella Boscetti piece on page 73 captivates me with it's colors, as does the Katherin Kosta piece on page 229.

Laurel Kubbpy's piece on page 134 incorporates pearls in little hidden pockets.

and Rayo Boursier on page 135 incorporated crystals!

JoAnn Baumann's Pagoda Bangle uses grey creams and yellows and the Kate McKinnon bangle shown on page 166 worn by Graham Thompson and photo'd by Ali Megan is perfection.

I don't have a large stash of delica's, having been a RAW girl for most of my beading career I've never developed the delica habit, but I see now I will need to change my ways.  I'll also need to find some time.

This is a book that a needs to be part of any serious bead weavers library!  I'm thinking I may need two as it is sure to be a classic and the pages are sure to be turned many many times…..


Terry from Alaska said...

I received my book as well; you are eyeing some of my favorites. Finding the time has to be dedicated to this book and exploring it.

Marbos said...

I am very glad you like the design and colors that I chose (I'm Mariella). For me it is an honor that you enjoyed it, together with the other wonders in the book.
Many thanks and have a wonderful day