Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Somehow it always all gets done…...

I fret about a to do list and if there will be time to accomplish it and somehow I always manage, although this stretch has made me a little wearier then usual.

I had a great weekend hosting a bead society class given by Amee Sweet McNamara.  Lots of lovely women making soutache, although I sat out having previously done a pendant I elected to kit a new Touch of Whimsy….a purple one!  Just in time for the Tyler Bead Retreat this weekend.

It was nice to have company with relaxed evenings and lots of bead chat!  Amee had a special fondness for our  San Diego weather as we spent evenings on the veranda.

I also carved out a little time to finish up the 3rd Sprockets color way (or 5th depending on which ones I count, my favorites or all of them!)  This one I am especially fond of as I made it specifically to go with some Miriam soutache earrings.

I also am totally in love with the Swarovski raindrop crystal at the bottom.  This one gets taught in just a couple of more weeks at Beads by Blanche.  It will be it's debut which can sometimes be a daunting class but I am in so in love with this one I can envision nothing but fun…..hope I'm right and so do the girls at Blanches I bet!

Also on the list of treats was an outing with friends  Judipatuti, Gail and Susan.  Between the four of us we have a seriously accomplished knitter, a hugely experienced seamstress, a very talented painter and I've done some beading as well.  We've shared all of our expertise's between one another with the exception of painting  which is our next endeavor.  So following an excellent birthday lunch in Little Italy at the new Ironsides (which had fabulous decor and food) we went to Blicks arts supplies for our painting supplies directed by Gail.  She's busy putting together lesson plans for us which will begin with painting our own color wheel.  I predict we are going to have a lot of fun!  I'll keep you posted!

oh and psssttt…..I almost forgot, the webstore remains closed but we did (well Mark did) make a link to the deco bracelet kits for the project that is in beading all-stars.  You can find it here!

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Peikkonen said...

Love the new colour combo!