Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm so having fun!

I absolutely love sewing sparkly thinks to felty things. The juxtaposition of texture, the wearability, the instant gratification.....the mess I've made.

I decided I was lacking earrings, and what better way to remedy that then to make a few pair. But I did require quick and easy, so with the seed bead and crystal stash just an arms reach away, I pulled out the felt balls from Ornamentea and began the beading.

I'm quite pleased with the result.

Purple pair share Heather Trimlett and Michelle Goldstein lampwork and are finished with Blue Iris Design earwires.

I love the almost candy like confection of the aqua with crystal sequins.

The pink pair swing from a short silver chain (swinging earrings fill in the jawline nicely)

Oh the fun I've had! Mark even got into the act with a suggestion for an asymmetrical pair. He remarked 'They would be more edgy' and if you know my dear husband, it totally cracked me up that he would say 'edgy'.

Now which pair am I going to wear first?

Happy New Years to all, enjoy, love, and stay safe!


:-) MaryLou said...

Those are great fun! They look like either things from outer space or from the ocean.

I have a whole stash of felt, along with the felting needles. Of course, they're relegated to a back room with all the other artsy/craftsy stuff I've never gotten around to using... I feel a New Year's Resolution coming on!


abeadlady said...

Hope 2010 is all you want it to be, Marcia. I love the new earrings and also the new colorways for your necklace. Great choices.

Happy New Year!

Jean Hutter said...

awesome - I especially like the black pair.

coco006 said...

very wonderful ! congratulations !
very happy new year to you too !!!

Doreen said...

OMG, I absolutely love these! How fun! I wish you a healthy and happy new year!

Diane said...

Inspired by you I ordered some felt beads, circles, and flowers from Ornamentea. Can't wait to try making some earrings myself. Enjoyed taking classes from you in Alaska. I've become a faithful reader of your blog and book.