Monday, December 7, 2009

The most amazing weekend

Where beads 'soldiered up' students 'rocked on' and 'dew drops' were gifted.

Here's Kate looking her adorable self, and notice her fabulous felted brooch.

Kate was an amazing teacher who shares freely all her thoughtful learnings. She was generous with her kits and supplies providing each student with the making of a felted brooch, choice of kits, a handout for both projects and her project workbook, full of photos and instruction.

Nancy, a longtime student, shared her incredible version of the urchin,

Brilliantly strung together with this version of the 'Earth Sky' beads

Here is Linda and her constant companion Maya. Maya is a well loved little dog and she's considerably happy when her favorites come for an entire two days. Linda patiently beaded with Maya either sleeping contentedly behind her back on the chair or on her lap, with head poised on the table.

My felted brooch, which after noticing both Linda's and Kate's may require some editing...I wanted to put on everything....

I especially love the little lavender felted ball provided by Kate

And the sequin stack, and Michelle Goldstein lampwork and my spotted daggers, and let's not forget that excellent feather

And in class, I made a double bat ended screwt, attached a romantica medallion (an unlikely combination judging by name alone) ended with an unbelievably gorgeous dagger......I'm pretty much in love

Sunday's class was enriched by a visit from Jeannette Cook, the arrival 'home' of Janice Berkebile (she was teaching at the Shepherdess, but fortunately for me, accepted my invitation to stay with Mark and I) We spent a lovely, low key evening of visiting, laughter and friendship.

And then Janice updated my already owned dewdrop bangle and presented me with two more!

A pretty stellar weekend!

Everyone is on their way home and I am a treated to a cozy, stormy day, listening to rain and watching the wind. The perfect day to finish my second double batted screwted ended bail.


kate mckinnon said...

What a fabulous post full of reminders of the things we did. Yow! I can't wait to see your Double-Batted Screwt Bail. I'm home safe in Tucson, cuddling a cat.

What a wonderful weekend. Thank you, Marcia, for also teaching me the Turkish cast-on, so I can aspire to a felted bag.

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Everything looks fabulous but those spotted daggers are truly amazing!!

Valerie said...

Wow, Marcia. What a weekend, and quite some projects! I can't wait to see them all!

Jean Hutter said...

Oh my - everything is awesome - I love the felted brooch, the dewdrop bangle - well everything. Sounds like a fun weekend.

JaDiLin 贾蒂琳 said...

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Your work is excellent.

I am wondering how you make this section in your blog?

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