Friday, October 17, 2014

Having my morning coffee with you

This one's for Terry in Alaska and Kathy in Massachusetts and all of those beaders I meet who tell me they enjoy the blog. (Apologies to both of you if I didn't spell your names quite correctly, trust that I have your faces and names firmly planted in my heart, I just don't recall the proper spelling)

People continue to tell me they like to start their morning with a cup of coffee and their favorite blogs, so here's me pulling up a chair to join you..  It is truly nice to be reminded that people do read and do enjoy what I have to share.

I've had a busy summer and fall which is a bit of an understatement.  My schedule caught me a bit off guard (yes it was me who booked it!) but I neglected to realize that scheduling too many back to back engagements which also required kits, then throw in some foreign travel and things got a tad hectic here at MadDesigns.

It turns out that Touch of Whimsy is one of my favorite things to teach, which is a great thing because I'm teaching it for three days in Tyler Texas next weekend.  This was the formerly maligned yellow polaris bead (or bon bon bead depending on your source!) At first glance it took some imagination to develop a set of colors that suited it, but Liz did it beautifully here and at the end of the day yellow became the new favorite!

I look forward to my next set of engagements and then I look forward to an airstream trip to Santa Cruz and lots of grand baby hugs and walks on the beach and visits with family and friends.

My recent trip to New Hampshire was a treat.  Having grown up in Massachusetts I often crave the cool fall days and the beautiful colors, especially given that we were having an unseasonal 100 degree heat wave here in San Diego.  I ate lots of  'Lobstah'  (have you ever seen a lobster roll or taco that looked so good?!)

and enjoyed the company of the many who joined me in classes.  My flight was scheduled late in the day on Monday so Judy offered to take me on an outing up the coast to some of her favorite ocean spots and then to Stonewall Kitchen for lunch and shopping.  I'm excited to make the pumpkin  layer cake that I purchased for guests on Sunday.

This is one of the beautiful spots where one can have lunch at Stonewall kitchen.  Kathy instructed me to be sure to pick up there recipe cards which I did so now when I start to cook I will have lots of inspiration!


Terry from Alaska said...

Hi Marcia-nice of you to mention me. Right back at you with a coffee clutch toast and being from Maine originally I appreciate the lobster roll pictures. My Pacific Morning glory bracelet was successfully completed from class and am real close to finishing La Navette.

Mandi said...

Marcia, I am excited to be taking your Touch of Whimsy class in Tyler :) I'm signed up for Friday, as I'll be teaching my Dahlia flower bracelet on Saturday. The whole weekend will be a blast!

Patty said...

Yum for the foods, and YUMM for the beads! Nice to read your blog again Marcia! You're looking lovely today. :-)

Marcia DeCoster said...

Thank you sweet girls for taking a minute to comment, it does my heart good to know you are reading! See you soon Mandi! Nice to see you in blogspace Patty and Terry!