Sunday, July 8, 2012


We had a lovely Seattle day, a trip to Lake Union and a perfect table at Chandlers on the lake. Asking if it was a special occasion we explained the entire holiday was special given it was our 25th anniversary.
After a wonderful brunch they delighted us with a creme brûlée served with pineapple coconut sorbet.

We sat side by side to best enjoy the view, while we watched endless boats enjoy the water. We found a large trawler in really bad repair for $25,000 and I tried to convince Mark we should buy it and live on the water.....but he wasn't so keen on my idea.
I've been beading and have photos to share once I borrow the gizmo which will take my photos from the camera to the iPad...I seem to have brought two of the wrong one..
so much yet to do, tomorrow visit with friends and Tuesday, Whitby Island.
And hopefully a visit to the
Chihuly exhibit at the space needle.

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Helen said...

Sounds like such a wonderful n/w coast trip. I saw the Chihuly exhibit a few years ago at the Museum of Fine Arts in St Petersberg, Florida. Absolutely mind-blowing! You'll love it.