Saturday, April 20, 2013

A bead immersed weeked

I am rarely home for the San Diego Bead Society meeting but today I was and it yielded so many excellent moments.

Barbara let me know that Joan, who works for Dallas and is helping with the Alaskan cruise is a dear friend of hers.

I met Tamara, new member of the bead society and bead enthusiast. I met her through Pat, a fellow Swarovski ambassador. Tamara is also a felter, lived in Holland and owns an airstream. We may have a bit in common....It was delightful to meet her.

Cindy Holsclaw of Bead Origami, did an excellent presentation of math and science inspired beadwork. She did such a good job!

And Florence spent the night. Florence first came to my attention in the early 2000 time frame as half of the Bead Infinitum team who were math immersed beaders. I met Florence at a class at Creative Castle and later met her bead partner Gwen at Bead and Button. Florence had a San Diego math conference and so a night in Lemon Grove at our home fit into her plans.

Tomorrow Cindy gives a class on her Tila bead in my home studio.

So you see a bead immersed weekend.

Tonight however we christen the airstream, sleeping in it for the first time!

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Arlenesfelt said...

Pleasant dreams, of future adventures! Your Airstream, that Bambi girl, is beautiful!