Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Contemporary Geometric Beadwork

My copy came a few weeks back in the midst of some really busy days, so I paged through, admired the layout, the photos, the beautiful work and the way the red spiral binding allowed me lay the book open to any page and leave it there....and then I put it on the shelf.

Well times are a little tad bit less busy and I was curious to dive in a bit more.  I feel connected to this work having been at the Atomic Ranch when the seeds of the idea were taking hold.  It was thrilling to be a part of that, to spend time with Kate and Dustin and Jean and Teresa and Gabriella and Jeroen and Ellen.

Contemporary Geometric Beadwork

So what strikes me now as I read through the book?  The photography is still stunning, a combination of Kyle Cassidy and Kate McKinnon.  How could it not be with the care and attention to detail.  The desert shots of Gabriella in the red ball gown wearing the incredible jewelry that has come from the geometrics are incredibly beautiful. The work itself, from all corners of the globe is fresh, innovative, colorful and inspiring.  And there is even a crystal or two, thank you AJ Reardon and Jeannette Cook.

What else?  The words.....the words are really good.  Beyond the names which invoke the fancifulness of the pieces, Horned Wings, Zigged Parrot Tulips, Fortune Teller Bangles, there are the descriptions 'The turquoise tips on each Horn slay us with their beady perfection'.

Then there is the humor.  Each time you read a chapter you find some hidden gems 'If we tell you to "Needle Up", then we are probably inviting you to either a bead party or to go to acupuncture with.  Either way, say yes!'

Descriptions in the Tips & Terminology chapter are not only descriptive, but visually descriptive as in Toothrow, 'any row or round of beadwork that presents in little teeth, waiting to hook on to some thing.'

Beaders have clearly been inspired by the concepts in this book as evidenced by the body of work that is presented here.  Also obvious is they've been given the techniques in a way that is easy to grasp, and in a way that fosters one's own creativity. What will it inspire you to create?  Should you not already own a copy, or you want to read more about Volume II click here.

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