Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I remember them in the 70's, often in globes with macrame around them.  At the time I had loads of houseplants, many with macrame hangers, but I don't think I had an actual terrarium.

However they seem to be back in vogue, and with the help of a friend and a local store, it seems I've been infected with the desire to make terrariums.

So far I've made two of the sand and airplant variety, but after yesterdays session I stopped at Home Goods for a tall vase which I will use for a 'forest' terrarium, with black river rock and a piece of dried cactus that I brought home from our sea of cortez trip.

Here is Gail reaching into her large globe which she planted in the forest style, dirt vs sand, and green plants with roots.

 I started my smaller, side opened globe with white sand topped with the teal and lime

Added some plastic baubles, some crystals, aqua rock, rivolis and a couple of air plants

 Here is Jeffrey's, also Forest style

 with a piece of pyrite for just a touch of natural sparkle

 Here is Jeffrey contemplating his next addition

 and here are the three girls in Gail's delightful studio

It was a wonderful day and was very nice to step away from the beads even if I did add a few to my terrarium.

This is my minimalist small terrarium.

I look forward to making more!

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swellknits said...

Oh how very beautiful! Loved seeing all your beautiful creations and smiling faces. I will definitely join Terrariums 201 at month's end!