Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fanfare gets a makeover

In the words of Maya Angelou, 'when you know better you do better' which I think she meant to relate to life choices and not beadwork, but it fits.

Fanfare was designed for Beaded Opulence in 2007.  It is a circle of graduated size beadwork, folded in half and joined at the top.  It takes 14 gross of crystal, not for the faint of heart, but the result really is beautiful.

My friend Pat made an improvement, she put a size 11 between each crystal on the top edge, and it really made a big difference.  I've been wanting to try it, and finally I decided now was the time.  This beautiful cuff in crystal comet argent light 2X was beaded for me by another friend MaryAnn.  I loved it, but wondered how Pat's improvement might bring even more life to it.

I cut the fans apart and got busy adding a size 15 gold bead between each gold crystal.

I'm just about done and then I get to string them back up and wear it!  I think the touch of gold on the top edge is going to improve it's wearability a lot.  Crystal Cal 2x can be a bit harsh on it's own and 14 gross is a lot of crystal cal 2x.

I think this project has stood the test of time as I still love it.  Thanks to Pat for the idea, I'll be wearing mine at Bead and Button!


Just Beady Jules said...

Marcia, a great spin on an already beautiful piece. Please post a pic of you wearing it! I know it will be stunning......

Oh, and let me know if you need the name armed security company who can escort you when you wear it...xoxo ;-)

Karen Firnberg said...

This colorway is gorgeous. Enjoy!

The bad Liz said...

I've thought about trying that since I saw Pat's. But I so seldom wear the bracelet that I am thinking it might morph into something else. Just have to decide what!!

It will be stunning.

Jamie Lubin said...

Leave it to that Pat to cause trouble that leads to something beautiful!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Nice to see all you girls here!