Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Master Class Booklets

I got it in my head to make the master class component directions booklet style, so all the directions would be together in one place and also fit into the box I have planned for the kits.

Which is why being a bead weaver for a living is never just about the beads.  I hadn't done a booklet before and there are many different ways to do it.

A number of folks answered my plea for knowledge on facebook and as with many things there were several different approaches I could take.  This is good and bad, as what I find is that you start down a path with what appears like a good approach, only to find it's pitfalls fairly far down the road of time wasted (or ways not to do it).

Kyle suggested taking my individual files and making a book out of them...which probably would have been a great idea, had I understood facing pages when I did it.  I abandoned that idea and moved onto
a video which Susan suggested.  This InDesigner laid out the file in booklet format.  I thought this might be a good approach to control the font size and I fully embraced it.

My settings didn't match his settings when it came to printing and so with much more trial and error I finally printed a booklet with the cover where it was supposed to be, which read correctly front to back when folded in half.  Well to be more accurate it did this intermittently.  I would make a small change, re-export it to adobe pdf, print and no....pages were facing opposite one another.  Next pass it worked.

I still have no idea as it would appear that I did not change any parameters.

My point....my point, is at the moment I am feeling very weary of new learning curves and I would like to go play with beads, or take my new car for a long spin.

But I won't, I will go purchase a long arm stapler so I can staple my pretty booklets and then move onto  preparing the kits.

I'm not a graphic artist in any sense of the word, but I am rather fond of my booklets cover.

I am not complaining, although it may appear that way, I like the process of making sure I have a nice result, even if I can be temporarily frustrated by it.  This is just what is required when you want to make sure 32 students have a really good experience in the Playing with Possibilities Master Class.


Jean said...

I think it is BEAUTIFUL!

xox jean !

The bad Liz said...

This is a small stapler that I have for work - it turns to use with booklets:


Pepita said...

It looks lovely, but why not outsource something like that i wonder?

Marcia DeCoster said...

expense Pepita, it ws a lot of money to have someone else print it!