Friday, April 12, 2013


I love this piece....I already have beaded two and have plans for several more.  It's a simple bead and a ring that makes a statement.

Yesterdays car salesman asked me if I attracted humming birds with it!

For all you neat and observant beaders, this is a modest mess on my bead board.  Although you can see pearls which are indeed left over from a previous project.  I sort of pushed them to the side rather then put them away.  

Given the angle you may not see that it stands up about 1/2 inch off the surface of the band.  It would be a great place for some additional embellishment.  Loch Rosen come to mind, but they don't come in gold araum 2x, or at least I don't have any.  But if you look real close there are 2 mm gold aurum 2x in between the spines.    

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