Monday, November 30, 2009

Aurora Borealis in San Diego?

I hadn't previously noticed this phenomenon in the house....yesterday while making my way into the front room to do a little knitting I was greeted by this Aurora Borealis like display

I suspect it was created by this, a large beveled mirror on the opposing wall

I must say it created a winter like scene

I'd like to experience these lights in the Northern sky some time, but for now, I think these will have to do.


Carol Dean Sharpe said...

Ooooooo how wonderful. Seeing the Northern Lights (or even just the Marfa lights!!) is on my personal "bucket list." You have captured the light treasures from your mirror beautifully, Marcia. I'm impressed.

Arlenesfelt said...

I of course saw Northern Lights several times in Anchorage and Ketchikan, but would you believe I saw them once in Imperial Beach, on a dark and moonless night? That was a beautiful surprise. Have faith, and maybe you will see them here one night. It must be very dark and at the beach there are no street lamps.

Lynn said...

Hmmm, I was expecting your disco ball to be the culprit lol!

coolmoon said...

I, too, am treated to 'aurora borealis' on my walls regularly - I have prisms and Swarovski crystals hanging from the entire widths of both my dining room windows, which are south facing. They are such a happy, mystical sight, aren't they?