Monday, November 30, 2009

Shibori Ribbon

I first saw this beautiful silk ribbon at the Grove in San Diego, brought in by my friend JudiPatuti. Shortly after in Miami, my host Myriam was wearing a beaded button pendant suspended from the ribbon.

I stitched this gold one into a tube, brick stitched a little bail, encrusted it with volcano sequins and make peyote end caps. A loop and margarita complete the design and I love it.

This is one of the pieces that will be for sale at Saturday night's Walkabout in South Park. It is a rare day when I sell what I make, and there's more....bracelets, earrings and few more felted bauble necklaces.


Mikki said...

Ooooo....that's gorgeous, Marcia. I'm sure you'll do excellently as people must stand in line to buy your babies.

Unknown said...


Maryanne said...

Love this, Marcia. Those shibori ribbons are so gorgeous! I love what you did with the end caps and the bail. Beautiful!

Shiborigirl said...

hey there! love what you did with the ribbon. it's just the sort of thing i hope my silk shibori ribbon inspires people to create!
just to let you know- the ribbon is hand dyed here in CA. The Grove will be getting a new shipment later this week!

Jean Hutter said...

just beautiful - love it!

Unknown said...

My hands flew to my mouth when I saw this. So stunning in its simplicity- I just love your work!