Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bead Knitting

Seems like a natural, I like to bead, I like to knit and I have done some bead knitting in the past....remember those bead/knit amulet purses in the late 90's. So yesterday I was over having a look at Beadweaver's blog and the subject is bead knitting, and then I followed the links which took me to this on the Bead and Button site

and I'm obsessed and I want one, now....but it is not to be as I have not located the required perle cotton. I've had to resort to mail order from EarthFaire, which is fine, except that I won't have it today and I'm leaving tomorrow. I guess I will need to practice some patience.

The cuff is by Marge Giralte and a visit to her Etsy page will show you lots of different colors.

I'm pretty darn excited, however, tomorrow a.m. I fly to New Jersey for my last teaching engagement of the year. And! I'm taking a class with Jean Powers. So it is likely I wont' be visiting with you tomorrow, but promise to have tales of New York city and classes at Blanches over the weekend.


Mikki said...

Knitting is how I gained my bead addiction. My business in England had my team of hand knitters making my designs which I would then put together and embellish with beads. I also knit beads into some pieces....boy could I have used a bead spinner then! It was those trips to a bead store in Covent Garden that got me hooked on the little shiny things.

Fae said...

I love EarthFaire! They have beautiful things.

Unknown said...

Wow Marcia, thanks for sharing all those wonderful sites. I'm just starting to knit a scarf (my first time doing the cable stitch), but when it's done... I'm going to make that using cut beads!!! I always liked those beaded bags but a knitted beaded bracelet, even better!
Have a safe flight and a wonderful time in N.Y./ N.J.
I'm looking forward to living vicariously thru you when you write about it.

Carol Dean Sharpe said...

You know my business name (Sand Fibers) came from my joint addictions to beads and yarn/fabric. sigh. Combining the two like this: danger! :D Lovely bracelets...thank you for sharing the links! Have fun with Jean - I am SOOOO jealous :D

MARITINA said...