Friday, November 13, 2009

Book Signing

I'm off to The Beading Frenzy where Susan will pick me up and we'll go to visit the venue for next March's Beading by the Bay. I'll take lots of pictures sure to entice you....sign ups are going well, so you may want to stay tuned and decide to join us!

Tonight I'll be at The Beading Frenzy where I will be signing copies of Marcia DeCoster's Beaded Opulence tonight.

This is one of my favorite images from the book and these are so easy yet so Opulent. They make an exceptional gift and The Beading Frenzy has some of these sparkly CZ drops.

Should you live closer to San Diego then San Mateo, then supplies for these as well as signed copies of the book can be found at the Grove on 30th and Juniper.

Speaking of the book, I had my first live sighting last night when I stopped into the local Barnes and Nobles, and there it was on the shelf. Definitely made me smile.

Tomorrow I'm off to the Bay Area Bead Extravaganza with Rachel and then flying home tomorrow night to spend the rare Sunday at home. It's going to be a treat to wander through BABE, visit with friends, fondle beads, and generally have a leisurely day surrounded by beady treasures.


abeadlady said...

Hope to run into you at BABE tomorrow. At least ten of us are taking the train up from Fresno.


Fae said...

See you tomorrow at BABE!

MARITINA said...

GuapĂ­simos, me encanta el turquesa con el verde, queda genial.