Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm on my way home

1/2 hour left of New York and I wanted to bring you a nice picturesque blog post to tide you over until tomorrow, however the internet connection is painfully slow, so tomorrow you'll get to see photos.....Suffice it to say it was a wonderful trip, loved the class. As always there were many beautiful colors being done.

I've been teaching at Blanches for 9 years now and consider that I have many friends in the classroom, and this time around I met some new folks, one a facebook friend and now real life, Peggy, and another a blog reader Anita who I hadn't had in class before. And Cathy whose glasses had little lightbulbs run by batteries to light up her work....and Lynda who made an amazing cheesecake, and Dawn, Hillary and Eileen who traveled together to take my class and Mary and Mary and Lisa and Lisa, another Cathy, and Beth who I know from San Diego before she moved to New York and Nancy who I hadn't met before but who had beaded shimmer queen from the book, and Anh who quietly learned right angle weave on an advanced project! and Karen whose blue silver pallete was beautiful and Lydia and Diane who both do beautiful work and Jane who just flew home from India and took the class and almost finished,and Ludmilla who does two needle right angle weave and lovely designs, and if that's 21 then I remembered everyone, I hope so!

It was a blast gals, same time next year, well different time actually, I think it will be October in time to experience my favorite fall foliage.

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