Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bead Expo in Victoria

I left you last week with a blogging void. Turns out that the ipad becomes rather useless when all the hotel offered was an ethernet cable connection. I'm now staying with Ruth, Vice President of the Bead Society and my new hostess. The ipad is still not a useful tool, but Ruth has kindly lent me her computer with internet connection and I've loaded up a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

The group of students I had over the week were very proficient beaders. Many finishing up projects in class or that evening at home, returning to show me the next day.

Here is the accomplished Paula wearing her Under the Mast, before the end of class!

I had to share this great picture of Neva, who kindly invited me to join the Bead Forum dinner at the Brown Cow.

My last day of teaching was on Saturday and on Sunday I had kits available at the EXPO. The Bead Society of Victoria knows how to put on a bead expo. Everything was beautifully executed. Just under 100 challenge entries were presented for the attendees viewing pleausre and the opportunity to vote for their favorite. There were cases of exhibition showcases including some for designer inspired work. I found several pieces inspired by Marcia DeCoster's beaded opulence!

I did a bit of shopping, most notably a few lampworked owls that I was totally unable to resist, each one cuter then the last. Perhaps there will be photos tomorrow.

I have two days off before travelling to Sydney and today is a bead day. I am finishing up the third colorway for Rings of Saturn and I'm loving it. Next up is another Carousel for Beading by the Bay....have you reserved your spot? The retreat is approaching full, so you may want to put it in to your holiday request list!


Chrisbeads said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself, Marcia. I really enjoyed the Romantica class and the dinner afterwards.

Can't believe Paula actually finished her project before the end of the class. She really is speedy and her technique is very good too.

Arlenesfelt said...

Sounds like you continue to have a great time, and also that you are encountering nice folks.