Saturday, November 6, 2010

Photoless blogging....

Well the ipad was a really good idea, until that is, I moved to the hotel....All of my hostesses have had wireless access....the hotel has good old fashioned network cable. There is no place to plug in a network cable to the ipad.

I'm telling you this so you will know not to expect too much in the coming days. I'm still having Australian fun. Yesterday I was treated to a ride along the coast and a delightful lunch at Fork to Fork where all the vegetables are grown on site.

Today I taught for the first of 3 days. Much success was had.

I'm using the lobby computer to tell you this and it may be the worst keyboard I have ever typed on!

I'll check in here and there until wireless access is again available. Until then be well!

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Andrew Thornton said...

I wonder if you can get a Virgin MiFi card? For $40, they have an unlimited plan. We use that to connect to the internet out here in the country. Don't know if it'd work in Australia. Our's is great, because you can use it where ever.