Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beaded Earrings

I got on a bit of an earring kick....

Earrings are a great place to experiment with shape and color.

The left pair is a new shape I've been working out and I can definitely see many of these coming together into a stunning necklace or a funky bracelet. The size and colors changing up for a stained glass effect and the repetitive pattern creating many different options.

On the right is another component which is shared between two new projects, including Beading by the Bay's Carousel (the center spins....what could be more fun?) I've worked out the second colorway and I love it! I'll be sharing it just as soon as the sample is finished being beaded. I'm waiting on some cyclamen opal ab2x crystals to arrive.

If you haven't had a look at the website, go have a look now, besides Carousel, Jean Campbell and Maggie Meister have two compelling projects. We've kept the price economy friendly and the venue is an easy ten minute shuttle from San Franciscos airport. Perhaps you deserve a long weekend of beading?

a similar component is used for Dancing Light to be taught on an Alaskan Cruise in September.

It's a clever thread path and I'm excited to teach it. Although there are similarities in the shared component, it is still changed up quite a bit to make two distinctly different pieces, so if you're inclined to come to both Beading by the Bay and the cruise you'll still be learning lots! If you've taken a class with me then you know I am all about sharing different design visions that you might be able to create with the component being taught. At both events I'll be sharing this earring which would be a definite compliment to either of the pieces.


Rebecca said...

I love all of these! You have such a great way with colour. Wish I lived nearer and more to the point had bags of cash to take part in these wonderful classes!

Cristina said...

Wow...just amazing!! i love the necklace!! it's gorgeous!

Releases by Rufydoof said...

I love both pairs of earrings but especially love the ones on the right. Will you be releasing this pattern for sale for those of us that aren't in the US and can't attend workshops... or perhaps another book!!!!